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Mezzanine floor for beauty centre in Vauxhall 

The client’s goal was to increase the floor space and utilize the existing high ceiling.

The solution provided was the creation of a mezzanine floor over two thirds of the area to achieve the target, while maintaining a high ceiling at the entrance and waiting area to give the sense of space to customers.

A&S Design provided the layout drawings, structural design & calculations for the mezzanine floor as well as details for the various elements of the build.

Extension to restaurant in Westminster

The object was to improve the facilities for disabled customer’s without compromising the existing space.

The solution was creating a small extension at the back to increase the size of the existing toilet to become suitable for use by disabled customers.

A&S Design provided the design drawings required & liaised with the council until planning permission was granted.

Internal alteration to shop in Hackney

The object was to remove the internal walls, to improve the shops layout and increase the retail space.

A&S Design provided the structural design & calculations for the steel supports necessary and liaised with building control for approval.

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